Ridesharing Complicates Auto Accident Claims

  • When we take an Uber or Lyft, we want to avoid the stress and frustrations that come with driving and parking. Unfortunately, your rideshare driver might have an accident. Now, you're dealing with all the stress and frustrations of a car crash.

    Unfortunately, being in a rideshare crash can make your claim for compensation complicated. Rideshare companies are becoming notorious for avoiding settlements with injured passengers.

    That’s why you'll need to know who to go to and how to get the full settlement you need before you get started with your case. Without experienced legal counsel, you might miss out on the settlement you deserve.


    Liability Is Complicated

    When two people crash, the liability for the crash is usually on one of the two people. When one of those people drives for work, his or her employer may hold liability because that driver was acting within the scope of his or her employment at the time. So, Uber or Lyft may be the ones responsible, right?

    Unfortunately, these rideshare companies do what they can to avoid liability. Some private insurance policies for non-commercial drivers won't cover rideshare injuries, but many rideshare companies include confusing jargon in their own insurance policies to avoid compensating injured drivers and their rideshare passengers.

    The driver who caused the accident may still be liable for the accident, especially if he or she has the commercial insurance that many rideshare companies are now requiring their employees to carry. On the other hand, another driver who crashed into your rideshare driver could be liable. In the end, it's often best to contact a lawyer about your case and who's liable before you file a claim.


    Help After a Rideshare Crash

    A rideshare service like Uber or Lyft may be a handy way to travel around, but when you're in an accident, it can be a headache to handle. Ridesharing complicates auto accident claims, so you may need to speak with an attorney from Craig Swapp & Associates to recover fair compensation.

    Any car accident is tough, but without a lawyer's help, a rideshare accident can feel almost impossible. Fortunately, an attorney can get you started with a free consultation. We'll review your claim and help you determine who's responsible and what you'll need to do.

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