After Fleeing from One Crash, Driver Arrested After Hitting Pol






    Fleeing from the scene of a car crash is something that all people should know is against the law. When a crash occurs, it is the responsibility of all parties involved to remain at the scene until police arrive. Recently, one man chose not to follow this law, leading to his arrest.


    Orange County Hit-and-Run

    Robert Dove was in Orange County when he crashed into another vehicle. He drove down the sidewalk attempting to get away from the scene. He then crashed into a police vehicle while still attempting to flee. The police cruiser was used in an effort to block Dove from fleeing further, but he slammed into the blockade vehicle while trying to get away. He left his car and fled on foot instead. After making it down a dead-end street, Dove was finally apprehended.


    Multiple Criminal Charges

    In many states, it is a felony offense to leave the scene of an accident. Not only did Dove leave the scene, but he also caused the accident and continued to flee from police officers, which are separate charges entirely. In most cases, hit-and-run accidents come with serious penalties. He could be charged with leaving the scene of an accident and fleeing from police officers—on top of the charge for hitting an officer’s vehicle.

    Evading a police officer is the least severe charge he could face. The fact that Dove continued driving recklessly while doing so resulted in a heightened charge of felony reckless evading. California law penalizes this charge with at least six months in jail or a $1,000 fine, with options for up to one year in jail and a $10,000 fine.

    Combined with the other charges, he could be looking at serious time imprisoned. Furthermore, he could be held financially responsible for the accident and the other person’s damages.


    Orange County Car Accident Lawyers

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