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Ways to Lose Your License in New York

  • We need our licenses to keep the freedom to drive to and from work, school, home, and anywhere we need to get ourselves during the day. Unfortunately, there are plenty of ways to lose your license in New York, and you might find yourself on the verge of losing yours.

    It’s unfortunate, but there’s a chance that you could end up without a license, making it difficult to maintain a normal lifestyle. If you’re concerned about losing your license, watch out for the following ways that many drivers lose their licenses so you can be prepared to fight back.  


    The Points System

    The points system is one of the most common ways people lose their licenses in New York. Generally, the points system assigns each moving violation a certain number of points, and if you receive more than eleven points within eighteen months, your license could be suspended.

    For example, let’s say you were driving twenty-five miles an hour over the speed limit, and you chose not to fight the resulting ticket. This put six points on your license. A few months later, you’re pulled over for cell phone use behind the wheel, which is worth five points. That ticket could mean a suspension if you choose not to fight it.  


    Other Ways to Lose Your License

    The points system isn’t the only way to lose your license in New York. License suspension and revocation could come from other places.

    If you’ve been convicted of three speeding or misdemeanor offenses, the number of points they’re worth might not be over eleven, but your license could still be suspended. Since these are more serious convictions, you might see more serious consequences—even if the number of points on your license hasn’t reached the maximum amount.  

    Some people have had their licenses suspended not for their actions on the road, but for not responding to their traffic tickets. Maybe you’ve had a little trouble paying off your ticket or haven’t had time to respond to it. The deadline has passed, and you still haven’t paid or answered your ticket. If you don’t act, your license could be suspended for these offenses, as well.


    We’ll Help You Protect Your License

    There are plenty of ways to lose your license in New York, and getting it back after a suspension isn’t easy. Usually, it’s best to go ahead and fight back to avoid losing your license. And you can fight back by getting legal help with your traffic ticket.

    It’s not easy to fight back against a police officer’s word, but the team at the Law Office of James Medows can help you get your traffic ticket dismissed. We’ll review your case and what defense you’ll need for your unique case.

    To begin, reach out to us by calling 917-856-1247 or visiting us online.