Crash Lab Tests Child Car Seat Safety


    In a new study, a Wisconsin medical college has taken on the task of researching car seats and how a child’s body reacts to a collision. The information gleaned could very well pave the way for advancements that keep children safer when accidents occur.

    The Medical College of Wisconsin is specifically focusing on side-impacts that can throw a child from side-to-side within the seat, often causing broken bones, neck injuries, and concussions all at the same time. Creating a seat that is both comfortable and resistant to injuries like this is a constant struggle for researchers simply because there is a need to balance impact resistance with strength and rigidity.


    Sophisticated Technology Employed

    The college is using a combination of technologies to help them reach their goals, like 3D imaging, multi-cameras, and multi-directional filming. This approach gives a bird's eye view of how, when, and why a child moves within a seat during a wreck.

    Like other crash labs, their laboratory also includes a fixed track and sled that shoots forward a short distance at extremely high speeds. This is what produces and mimics the effects of an accident.


    Study Goals

    As to their goals, researchers from the college hope to one day provide manufacturers with valuable information that could make car seats safer, more effective, and more reliable under pressure. Unfortunately, many children are injured in unreliable car seats before recalls or announcements occur, and the only way to avoid this is to continuously research and identify problems.

    As for parents, the best thing they can do is review car seat information carefully for safety features and reliability before they purchase. Installing the seat correctly is also vital.


    Milwaukee Car Accident Lawyer

    Because of the vulnerability of children in a vehicle, they typically suffer the most severe injuries in an accident. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to follow all safety guidelines when behind the wheel. When someone else causes a car accident because of negligence, it’s crucial to make sure they are held accountable for the resulting injuries.

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