How Is Fault Determined in a Michigan Car Accident?

  • Many people want to know an answer to this question: "How is fault determined in a Michigan car accident?"

    When it comes to determining fault, there is something to keep in mind: Michigan requires that drivers carry no-fault automobile insurance. This means that unless someone suffers a serious injury or was killed, there is no need to prove fault.


    No-Fault Insurance

    In Michigan, a no-fault auto insurance policy should provide medical care and rehabilitation benefits. There is no limit to these benefits, although an insurance company may try to deny payment for a particular procedure if they view it as unnecessary. In a situation like this, most people benefit from hiring a car accident attorney in Detroit or elsewhere in Michigan.

    Additionally, auto insurance should provide accident victims with wage loss benefits for up to three years and pay for vehicle repairs.

    In many cases, no-fault insurance policies are sufficient to pay for the damages the victim has suffered.


    When No-Fault Insurance Isn’t Enough

    If the accident was severe enough to cause injuries that are serious or catastrophic, a victim may need compensation that extends far beyond what the no-fault insurance policy provides. In this case, the best thing to do is hire an injury attorney to prove who was at fault for the accident.

    To do so, an investigation will need to be undertaken. This may involve reviewing pictures and video evidence of the scene, reviewing police reports, interviewing eyewitnesses, and more.

    Then, a comprehensive case can be built for what happened and why the other party was responsible for your crash. This will be necessary to recover compensation beyond what is provided through no-fault insurance.


    Michigan Auto Wreck Attorneys

    It is important to note that no-fault insurance benefits will pay for medical bills and wage loss, but it will not pay for additional expenses associated with becoming injured, such as the cost of hiring a caregiver and the expense of retrofitting your home. It will not provide money for pain and suffering, either.

    Essentially, it will only compensate for the bare minimum of what you will need after an accident. For this reason, many Michigan drivers hire an attorney to represent them.

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