Important Work Comp Laws in North Carolina

  • When you’ve been injured in an accident at work, or if you’ve fallen ill after being exposed to harmful conditions in your work environment, you’ll be entitled to workers compensation benefits in North Carolina.

    Almost every employer in North Carolina is required to carry workers comp insurance so employees are protected in the above circumstances.

    However, getting approved for these benefits is often more difficult than workers think. In order to be eligible for workers comp benefits, you’ll need to be aware of several important North Carolina work comp laws. Continue reading to learn more about how these laws will impact your claim.


    Time Limits You Need to Be Aware Of

    To begin, you will need to report your illness or injury to your employer within thirty days of being diagnosed with a work-related condition or from the date of the incident that injured you. If you do not notify your employer, you will almost certainly see your claim denied.

    If you fail to begin the claims process in a timely manner, you may be barred from collecting the workers compensation benefits you would otherwise be entitled to.


    When You’ll Begin Receiving Benefits

    You might be under the impression that as soon as your claim has been approved, you’ll immediately begin receiving your workers compensations benefits. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. You won’t receive compensation for the first seven days you’re out of work unless your recovery time exceeds twenty-one days.

    If your condition is going to keep you out of work for twenty-one days or longer, this seven-day waiting period can be financially accounted for after the twenty-one-day mark. Your attorney can review the details of your case to determine when your benefits will begin.


    Talk to a Workers Comp Lawyer in North Carolina

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