Lemon Law: A Consumer's Protection

  • Buying a new car and experiencing issues shortly after is an unfavorable situation. You’ve spent months researching, shopping, and comparing prices to find the exact car you want. If you’re noticing issues at a significant, you may want to investigate further.

    Buying a new car is an exciting time where you assume that you’re making an upgrade in your day-to-day experiences; however, this can turn for the worst if you’ve noticed problems with your new vehicle. This leave many consumers frustrated and wondering where to turn for help.

    Be sure to review a few of these items if you’re in a similar situation: 


    1. Check for Recalls- At this point, you may be experiencing issues with little to no direction. Be sure to contact the dealership in which your vehicle was purchased so they are aware of your issue. You may ask them to fix the issue or consult with another auto repair shop. If the likelihood of your problem is an extensive repair and or a reoccurring one, you need to seek out any recalls on your vehicle. Maintaining routine research can assist any commuter with their vehicle. Recent recalls can also ensure that the manufacturer can provide you with assistance.
    2. Be Informed of Problem Vehicles- Occasionally, manufacturers will design new vehicles they cause nothing, but problem for consumers. This can fall within the realm of defective airbags, overexposure to carbon monoxide, and other safety defects. Be sure to inform yourself of these types of problematic vehicles.
    3. Lemon Cars- There are many signs that might help a consumer distinguish if their vehicle has been recalled enough times to address some of the safety defects mentioned above. This could indicate that you have a lemon vehicle; however, note that just because your vehicle has a recall doesn’t necessarily make it a lemon vehicle.


    Also, keep note of the amount of time your car has been in the repair shop since your purchase date. This can also help distinguish whether you have lemon or not. If you feel that you’re experiencing problems with your vehicle that have no solution after multiple attempts, your vehicle may be considered a lemon as these types of issues can also directly impact the value of your car and the purpose of purchase.

    Thankfully, there are rights that consumers have in order to protect their purchase. It would benefit any consumer that might be experiencing these issues to seek information specific to their state in order to learn more about its lemon law.