Considerations to Make Before Your Home Sale

  • Whether you’re aware or not, we’re in the peak season of selling a home, so if you’re contemplating the sale of your home then now would be a good time to continue reading.


    Selling your home comes with a lot of prep work; however, there are a few things that shouldn’t be missed. If you’re looking for a smooth transition with someone having your best interest in mind, be sure to check out these helpful home selling tips:


    Trustworthy Realtor


    Most people will make the decision to work with a realtor in their area to help them with the sale of their home. Be sure to shop around since this person will be working closely with you throughout the transaction. Be sure that this person is trustworthy and can prove that your best interest is their priority. At the end of the day, this person works for you.


    Comparable Properties


    Your realtor should have an idea of the price of your home should sell for judging by the other comparable homes within the area. This can be depicted by location, square footage, updates, etc. Be sure to communicate, clearly, what you’re looking to walk away with after you sell your home.


    Your realtor should be working with you on an agreed rate in which will be their commission of the sale. Feel free to ask questions during this stage of the process so that you have both agreed on a fair percentage.




    If you don’t already have a closing attorney, chances are your realtor will likely recommend someone for you. This part of the process will require your buyers to provide their due diligence and earnest money to this particular entity until the final closing date. They will also be required to pay for a title search on the home to ensure that the home can be sold to them from you, the sellers.


    This part of the process allows for the buyers to get the full extent of inspections required in order to let them know what repairs, if any, will be needed. The buyers will be responsible for these charges unless there is anything unconventional about the home sale.


    Once you’re surpassed the due diligence of the process this money as well as the earnest money put down by the buyers will be going to you and towards the selling price of the home. Finally, you should be approaching your closing date where your closing attorney will be walking you through the paperwork and on your way to your new home.


    The sale of your home can be a smooth experience as long as you have professionals that have your best interest in mind. Be sure to read online reviews and consult with various potential candidates.