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Introducing Roadshow's long-term 2017 Chrysler Pacifica video - Roadshow

[MUSIC] Okay, here I. [MUSIC] Mini vans are family vehicles. Full stop. They're designed for safety, ease of access, and a comfort spread across three rows of seating with big old sliding doors on either side. Whether you're loading in humans or animals with short little legs, they're about as perfect as can be for the family on the go. Yet, there's still a stigma attached to them. [MUSIC] Despite what the market says, I still think minivans can be cool, but there just really has not been a minivan that takes a 21st century approach to things. That changes now thanks to the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. Replacing the tired old town and country. The 2017 Pacifica hopes to eradicate that stigma. And make minivans great again. Even though we've already looked at this vehicle before. Chrysler has given us a fully loaded Pacifica for the next year. In order to see how it stands up to daily use and abuse. And when I mean fully loaded, I mean this puppy is. Fully loaded. Let's walk you through some of what's on offer. [MUSIC] A 3.6-liter V6 good for 287 horsepower. A 9-speed automatic transmission, remote start. [SOUND] Keyless entry with automatic sliding doors [MUSIC] He did and venerated leather seats a hidden sitting wheel, and 8.4 inch yu can touch screen and locate that system. 360 degrees of camera coverage Parking sensors, [MUSIC] Second row seats that tilt forward even with the child seat installed. A freaking vacuum in the C-pillar. [NOISE] Stow and go, which turns the second and third row into a flat surface with enough cargo room for Just about anything. [MUSIC] And you connect theater over your seat entertainment system where passengers can watch movies, play games and surf the internet on 10 inch high definition touch screens. There's even an app that provides an answer to every parent's favorite road trip Are we there yet? Sounds like a lot of crap, right? Well, it is, and it comes with a price. While the Pacifica starts under $30,000, this top trim limited starts at $42,495. With the options are long-term [UNKNOWN] you're looking at a price of $48,950, ouch. Now, we've already logged more than a few miles behind the wheel, and we'll address that in a future update. For now, we're just excited to have this in our driveway for the next year. Whether we're testing it with children or fur babies, it will be interesting to see how the newest minivan stands up against [UNKNOWN] from Toyota and Honda. [BLANK_AUDIO] It's gonna be a long year. [BLANK_AUDIO] [LAUGH]

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